Saturday, September 10, 2011


I am happy to say that thanks to Ryan Lang installing a wonderful recovery program my pictures are back! After my computer recovered files for about 45 hours or something crazy, I was able to get about 95% of it back. Granted it is a jumbled mess with file names like f7589384792038, but I couldn't care less, I'm just so incredibly relieved that I didn't have to start all over. 

This week has been filled with fishing through endless files trying to find my sessions and get shoots re-edited (unfortunately the edited pictures that were saved are about the size of an ant...). I feel like my little blog has been seriously neglected but I have so many fun shoots to share soon. I will be on vacation this week and will spend my time organizing and getting shoots edited and hopefully posted! So check back soon.

Hope you are all getting outside in this amazing weather. Can you believe it's September and in the high 90's? I am loving it.

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