Friday, September 2, 2011

External Hard Drive Fail

I. Lost. All. Of. My. Pictures. (Note the periods for dramatic emphasis).  I'm pretty sure this is every photographers nightmare. The other night I was working away finishing up a session and putting it on a cd when with one simple little push of a button I lost EVERYTHING that I have been working on this Summer. Somehow I saved a picture that was simply titled "pictures" and my computer asked me if I was positive I wanted to replace my "pictures" folder with this new one and without even thinking I pressed the button! Right there before my eyes I watched everything vanish. I quickly pressed the stop button but it was too late.

After a bit of a panic attack and emotional breakdown I attempted to think rationally (level headed thinking is not my strong suit when something like this happens), and realized that it's just "stuff" and life will go on. Today I dropped my computer off to try and get the files back and right now a life saver of a program is working away to try and bring my pictures back. So hopefully in 35 hours (the estimated time the program says it will take) I will have my pictures back, fingers crossed...Even though its just "stuff" it would be quite nice to have it all back.

So there's my first official blog rant. If the blog has been lacking this is why. I am currently picture-less but hopefully that will not be the case tomorrow. On a happier note, I had a couple photoshoots this week and the pictures are still on the memory cards. I'm excited to share the pictures when I can use my computer again. 

I hope you enjoy your three day weekend!

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  1. Oh Lord, please massage that little external hard drive back to life!! :) Ahhh, I feel like I'm thinking about you every hour and don't want to be a stocking texter... glad you're focus is so right on. Hugs,