Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Well hello there long lost friends! Slightly embarrassed at the realization that it has been a year since I've posted on this little blog of mine. Yipes! But here I am, back again! I have so many lovely shoots to share with you all.  This year has been filled with some of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever photographed, and I cannot wait to get them up on here. 

To start things off, I thought I'd share some images from an engagement shoot from a couple months back.  How precious are these Beauties? Gabby and Lijah were one of the most adorable, giddily in-love couples I have ever worked with.  It was such a photographing these two! We started in an abandoned building in Vernonia, OR, then found this amazing hill on the side of the highway.  The fog...the trees...the logs, oh my! The spot made for some pretty magical photos.  I will stop talking and let you all take a looksie for yourself. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice photos of the two of you. Looks like the forest has seen better days though.