Friday, August 19, 2011

Where did Summer go?

I cannot believe that it has already been a week since my last post. I feel like time is flying by this Summer and I can't seem to catch up with it! It's already nearing the end of August and it seems like Summer is just starting. I'm sorry for being a slacker on blogging, it's so hard to sit inside when that yellow thing finally decided to grace us with it's presence!
The last couple of weeks have been wonderfully busy with lots of family and friends in town and also a lot of photoshoots! I have been so blessed this last week with people wanting to book sessions. It's crazy and so exciting! Last night was my first solo engagement session and it was so fun and nerve racking all at once! I have a wedding and an engagement session to post, so be looking for those this week and also have a Wedding tomorrow! I'm praying I don't melt away in the 96 degree weather, hopefully my Oregonian self will be able to handle it.

Hope you are all having a lovely week and enjoying the Sunshine. I will try and post a shoot this weekend!


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